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Vanishing Spray Starter Pack

Vanishing Spray Starter Pack

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This starter pack is the perfect intro to the best spray on the market and is paired with the quickest and easiest-to-use GRIPCAGE™ holster (with one VersiClip™ belt clip included also). RefEDGE PRO™ spray is used in professional leagues, plus college and high school games to help referees control the game. This patent pending vanishing spray allows you to mark a clean line on the field while standing upright, no need to bend down. Control players and speed up play with this great tool.

• This kit comes with 2 cans of spray and 1 green GRIPCAGE™ holster
• Safe for all grass and artificial turf
• Lines will last 1 to 5 minutes
• Easily control width of marked lines
• Average usage is up to 2+ games per can
• Warns you when only a few sprays are left
• Three can holding options • Can retrieval is super easy and quick
• Choose from four different holster positions
• Comes with one VersiClip™ belt clip

• 3.2 oz. can • 1.5" x 1.5" x 5.7" Can size
• 2.2" x 1.7" x 4.9" GRIPCAGE™ holster size

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