Pure Contact III G3 Fusion GK Gloves

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Grip, Agility, Lightness, Breathability

  • Designed as a complete one-piece construction

  • Highly flexible FreeFlex™ backhand turns the Pure Contact into our lightest professional glove ever

  • The G3 Fusion latex including adhesive additives is equipped with our best grip properties ever

  • Reliable abrasion resistance and outstanding wet-weather performances

  • The extremely tacky G3 Ultra Soft foam has been fused with speckled latex injections to boost the palm’s all-round performance

  • highly resistant black Solid latex dots noticeably increase the durability

  • blue Aqua latex dots push the grip in rainy conditions to a new level

  • he expansion of the palm foam all the way to the cuff significantly enlarges the latex-to-ball contact zone for optimized grip

  • Asymmetric Slip-On Cuff with integrated strap the Pure Contact offers individual fixation and a super stable hold around the wrist

  • The glove now features 100% internal seams, a wrapped thumb as well as an extension of the palm towards the backhand on the pinky finger side, in order to create the tightest and most direct fit possible

  • Material: 56% Latex, 38% Rubber, 3% Polyamide, 3% Polyester