Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution FS GK Gloves [Black/Shock Orange]

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The Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Finger Support is made for superior goalkeeping performances. As the most advanced Reusch palm foam ever, the G3 Fusion latex including special adhesive additives offers best grip properties, great abrasion resistance and outstanding wet-weather performances. The extremely tacky G3 Ultra Soft foam was fused with speckled latex injections to boost the palm’s all-round performance: highly resistant black Solid latex dots noticeably increase the durability; blue Aqua latex dots with the innovative Hydrograin™ technology push the grip in rainy conditions to a new level. With the Evolution Cut the latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area. An outer-seam construction in the lower finger parts offers an ergonomic fit, breathability, softness and flexibility. The high-quality Finger Support™ finger protection system reduces the risk of injury – with the sticks adapting the shape of the fingers, the hand can grasp flexibly without restrictions, whereas bending the fingers backward into the injury zone is close to impossible.

Material Composition

50% Latex, 22% Polyester, 17% Polypropylene, 6% Polyamide, 5% Ethylenevinylacetate.